Could be just an optical illusion… I see what you mean. But now the 30kHz spec made sense. Notice the aluminum coating on the inside of the paper body. Once you hear it you’ll know. Well, for the reasons stated. My hope is that we gradually spread more confidence in Full-Range drivers.

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OK, 112p want that “life”. Both are very good and a favourite with many DIYers today. The bulk of the phase rotation in a BSC filter is below that.

These are the main design elements that are in play for a single Full-Range cone design: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here They sounded uneven when the drivers were below my ears. They match up well with 12; any amp we’ve tried once power is about 5wpc. Optical illusion, even on the other photos of the same 12p driver… not tight at all….

There is many types of papers used on cones as Kraft, KSV, Hemp, banana pulp, coconut Fostex etc Unfortunately the 12CF not sound good on the treble, unless with notch correction circuit, what is a heresy for a fullrange driver. Many an hour alpairr spent debating over all sort of developments, from custom connectors to changing over to fused spider mounting systems, you may imagine some of the daily conversation, but its worth it in the end.


The change to a custom paper cone with a more shallow profile reduces mass and increases dispersion performance. For LF emittance, this driver type is mostly limited to use in LF extended gain box designs horns etc.

You are lapair using your Facebook account. He also a descent conventional driver designer in his own right. Here’s what came back. Designed by Matsubara San, it employs a new long throw profile set together with a ribbed body to maintain linearity. Have you any experience with the 10P as I am curious if if the 12P alppair noticeably better, some forums suggest it is not. These drivers will work well in the many speaker boxes that can be found aloair the frugal-phile site listed below.

However, typical of TIL bodied coils, the transfer properties to the cone neck are more variable compared to Alu and paper coil bodies. High gloss black or white or any colour on request. Ours are over hrs now stockand we will start comparing them to other stuff soon. Then we run it through a flea-power SET that adds a wad of even-order distortion and has a weak top.

MarkAudio Alpair Speaker Drivers | H i F i D U I N O

The holes reduce the mass of the voice coil. This series of exchanges was prompted by your posting graphics for both and the comment that “it looks like both use the same kind of paper for the cone” which I personally doubt very much.


Am I the only bore here The reason single driver speakers sound different from multi-way speakers is phase rotation in the telephone band. This site uses cookies.

Alpair 12P (Single Driver)

The holes reduce the mass of the voice coil Here it is compared to the voice coils for generation 2 Alpair 12s and generation 2 Alpair 10s.

The 4th, 5th, and 6th design elements are sub factors specific to the design processes relating tooling and press production. Yeah, they are that good. Also a SD fan, but also acknowledge there’s many ways to skin a cat.

It becomes easier if the requirement for bass is given away, and the cone limited in size.

If you’ve been wanting to get into the pure widebander milieu without playing the ponies, sacrificing undue real estate, incurring the interior decorator ire of She Who Must Be Obeyed or needing extreme sensitivity The last thing a low mass driver needs is a resonating frame ringing 12; specific frequencies back to its power train.

It is designed base on alpir feedback and requirements and incorporates the most advanced ideas from MarkAudio to date. Notice the aluminum coating on the inside of the paper body.