IP address also configurable through the web interface. Calling card to Thai. Carrier and Lock Detection. Their broadcasting equipment includes top-notch streamers, modular, receivers, recorders, as well as a whole host of different USB adapters. Digital video interface, also referred to as DVI, is broadcasting equipment designed to connect any video source to some form of display device.

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Input Automatic Cable Equalization of up to m. We have grown to depend on the quality Alitronika DVS has to offer, and we use their equipment to install and manufacture some of the best custom designed dva systems available. Updating the device’s Firmware takes a few seconds. All other encapsulation parameters can also be individually configured per TS.

These can include monitors, projection screens, televisions screens, and more! Video on Demand Server.

Great companies like Alitronika DVS allow us to stay in business, and we want to continue to present our clients with only the highest level of equipment and component quality possible. DHCP,link local or static Multicast support: Digital voice recorders are devices used to record music and voice to digital files.

Alitronika DVSStationIP Integrated Transport Stream player, recorder,analyser

This is why we strategically choose to partner xvs Alitronika DVS broadcasting components and equipment for all of our digital video interface needs. Calling card for call from anywhere to Thailand. We provide our services to both professionals and commercial businesses alike, and with the help of Alitronika DVS and their top-notch DVI equipment, we can have confidence in everything we produce.


Heartland Video Systems uses Alitronia DVS products and adapters for a wide variety of applications, and we place our complete confidence in their superior technological abilities. Remote Web-based configuration management and remote firmware upgrade. Specialized in cellular phone accessories such as antennas, amplifiers, repeaters, and adapters.


Offer OEM and aftermarket accessories for PDA and cell phones such as cases, phone covers, batteries, antennas, cradles and chargers. All you need to do is WorldSim: Dedicated hardware performs the encapsulation, which maximizes the throughput and latency. Retailer of cellular phone accessories including faceplates, chargers, holsters, charms, and cases. If your Blackberry is “locked” to a specific network we will help you “unlock” it. Studio to Transmitter Links.

DVBit distributor of Alitronika DVS and other DVB products

We offer allows you to use any network providers SIM card in your phone. WorldSIM is a Pay As You Go service that allows you to use your mobile phone when you are travelling abroad alitronnika incurring expensive roaming, calling, or texting charges. Yemen Yugoslavia Zambia Zimbabwe. An alternative to dedicated satellite links — connects digital video equipment to computer networks. Output PCR, continuity counter correction.


Packet time and date correction. Items have been added to your cart. The device can accept traffic from Ethernet network and recover TS data. As the environment gets more polluted in the name of modernization, it has become more and more necessary to use air cleaners to give us much-needed clean air to breathe. Carrier and Lock Detection.

Alitronika DVS

Less than 1ms Jitter tolerance range: For RTP encapsulated data, the device incorporates buffer to absorb dvd jitter and correct for packet reordering and packet duplication. Adapters and Connectors by Alitronika DVS When it comes to video connection, ensuring you have a reliable, connection is an absolute necessity. Settings opens the Web application Main Screen.