Each operation is unable to be recovered and system log is unable to be removed. Upload an existed announcement file to AK Definition of landline plug in. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The recording file will be saved as followed format A. Command for start or stop manual recording by DTMF hotkey

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It achieves playback recording file, instant monitor and search function. Program will create new call record while the outbound call is on hold and transferred to another extension when SMDR is received. Expandable from 8 to 16, 24 and 32 channels 4. Sound lasting time ms: You can ai32 the recording file to save in HDD Recommend: It is the interval time between ring tones.

AK32 user’s manual

Flexible Expansion Each AK32 voice logging unit can be a32 from 8 channels to 32 channels by adding extra recording cards. User can setup a date to start backup, normally it is the system initial date.


Users can monitor the system, do settings or search log and playback the recording by the finger touch. Use buffer to reduce times xk32 HDD write. The parameter determines if save the status in system log. Manually recording by press hot key. HDD used capacity percentage.

Normally we use Voltage for most analog lines. It works with SMDR. WAN IP address a.

Definition of landline plug in. Telephone number Start time and date Recording elapse HH: Optional SD card model, max 64GB 4. Start and stop time for daily backup.

AK32 user’s manual |

The parameter setting is to avoid misdialing recording. System will start next backup from new specific date and downloaded file will be skipped. Normally it is same as connection port. From followed example, user can read out outbound call information 1. Identify the extension is on hold or hang up for above call record settings.

The greater level comes with greater volume of recording file and noise.


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Card 3 Channel Tools Plug in USB storage device to upgrade firmware upgrade file enclosed or backup. Card 1 Channel 8. Search speed depends on time span. Administrator needs to re-enter the password to avoid abuse.

Therefore, misjudgment during talking would be avoided. If the value is 0, the call will be recorded entirely from pick up. Refer system setting 16, 17 B. Like all other Artech voice loggers, AK is equipped with network connectivity. Upload ak322 existed announcement file to AK Less than 1 min Voice Trigger parameter User needs to configure sound level and sensitivity when the channel is set voice trigger recording.