This password is stored in the Oracle Secure Backup wallet. Oracle Secure Backup cannot be prompted to retrieve the password. AIX does not define a group root by default. The ioscan command searches the system and lists any devices that it finds. Enter A to install the software for an administrative server and the client.

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The same device configurations shown earlier would now look like this: Before adding Oracle Secure Backup tape libraries and drives to an administrative domain, ensure that any system software that scans and opens arbitrary SCSI targets for example, tape library monitoring software has been disabled.

Checking each library to associate discovered drive s with DTE Preconfiguration of system device attach points is not necessary for running discoverdev to configure Oracle Secure Backup devices on an AIX media server.

The installation completes and the following message is displayed after a successful installation:. Download the Oracle Secure Backup akx distribution in a directory that is accessible from all hosts.

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The installation process verifies the installation directory owner and group. Bypasses the secure location check.

When you perform a silent install of the client host role, you do not receive any warnings if the installer is run from a non-standard directory. Here is an example of running makedev to create new Oracle Scxi Backup system attach points where none exist already:. Oracle recommends that you choose a password containing a mixture of alphabetic and numeric characters. For example, to modify the minimum length for user passwords, type 2. Configuring Devices on Solaris Media Servers.


If device-type-config-lis t is already defined for other devices, add sequential and changer to the existing list in the sgen. If the group root does not exist on your AIX system, then you must create it and make user root a member of it. To identify and configure AIX devices with lsattr and makedev: Configuring Devices on Linux Media Servers. If this directory is unavailable or a warning is issued during install saying that the directory has insufficient space, an alternate temp directory can be specified by running the setup command with the ‘-t’ option:.

A welcome message stating the Oracle Secure Backup version number and then displays progress messages. Fileset Level State Description Path: Enter A to install the software for an administrative server and the client.

The driver enables Oracle Secure Backup to interact with tape and library devices. This driver is geenric for Oracle Secure Backup to interact with a tape device.

The default setting is displayed in brackets beside the option name. A secure directory is one in which every part of the directory path has the owner and group privileges listed in Table Oracle Secure Backup logical unit numbers are assigned as needed automatically on Windows. Change the configured state from Defined to Available. Oracle Secure Backup sends notifications about the administrative domain and its operations to this e-mail address.


Sfsi you are installing the administrative server role or the media server role, sczi that the host meets the physical and network requirements discussed in ” Choosing Secure Genreic for the Administrative and Media Servers “. Instructions for running makedev on AIX are only included in this document for situations where there might be a reason for doing it manually, but using discoverdev is the preferred procedure.

The ioscan command searches the system and lists any devices that it finds. Specifying an e-mail address is optional and if you do not specify one, no notifications are sent.

dW:AIX and UNIX:AIX Forum:Help defining a generic scsi device (gsc) – AIX Forum Forum

Zmight remain in the temporary directory. When this parameter is used, you are not prompted for advanced settings. Only one advanced parameter can be modified at a time.

However, you can provide new values for the parameters by configuring advanced settings during the installation.