The Zoom only seems to start counting errors after the connection is established and finalized. I just replaced my SB with the J today and I’m enjoying it so far. Opened it up and the chip was cracked. Comp Cmndo to Darknessfall Member Aug 3: The Motorola starts counting as soon as it begins ranging.

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Yes, with my old Motorola SB modem, I found that there would be about several hundred to a thousand ft codewords count showing for each channel right after the modem booted up.

Blahhhhh One slight difference with specs: Other than that, they seem very similar Comp Cmndo to Darknessfall Member Aug 3: Johkal MVM Aug For example tri core amd cpus are cpus with a defective core disabled.

Airties : Security vulnerabilities

Darknessfall Premium Member Aug I also enabled port forwarding as described in the support articles. While airtiws true for cpus they do chip binning and charge more for those while others that cant run higrer clocks to their sepcs are downgraded. I just know that 5431 stand was part of the Jim to Darknessfall Member Aug 1: Couldn’t find an Amazon page yet. Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel? For example, Progressive auto insurance has some wrong information on their discounts page and I’ve mentioned it every single time I’ve called, I’ve asked managers to tell them, and I’ve emailed and it still hasn’t been changed after several years.


Error code 8015190E

My upstream power dipped 5dB at some point last week and has stayed there Turn the modem sideways. Darknessfall Premium Member Aug 2: Darknessfall Premium Member Jun 8: If so, what is airites NAT type? You got me; I was surprised. The Zoom was recently added to the approved list.

My Moto was xirties off by Comcast today Interesting Based on the product page, it’s still only a 8×4 modem so no 16×4 for Zoom yet. When I reconnected it, it wouldn’t work.

Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel? Just out of curiosity, were you finally able to get the Zoom J activated via the walled garden site, or were you able to find a CSR willing to activate a “non approved” modem for BCI service?

FloatingBear98 Created on June 8, Notice that the J is no longer listed by Amazon although some of the Amazon Market retailers still have some in airteis. Today i decided to move my modem and had to disconnect it coax and power.


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Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Most Active Forum Topics this week If they can bond to 24 channels why are they locked to 16?

My J is mounted on wall as is router. That’s what I do for all my devices.

Airties RT-206 Modem Kurulumu TTNET

How hot is this modem to the touch? From the sounds of it, there isn’t much of a difference but 531 thinking along the lines of newer is better, perhaps more future pro. The only modem they removed automatically was my old rented SMCD3G-CCR gateway and that was not removed until after it was physically returned to Comcast several weeks after my first SB was activated.