How to connect N. Do you forget your network structure or device IP after installation? Should I do something to prevent them from rusting? Please click the pdf. If IR-cut filter is between lens and sensor, the IR light will be blocked. However, to set the VLAN is not a easy job for surveillance technicians or system integrators. If possible, try other wireless router to make sure your mobile can be connect 8.

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How to connect Traveler 3G to 3G network? MINI, but why the throughput is not good. Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. Please press the WPS button of N.

Object size protected against. Please refer to the attahced PDF file.

Adjust the direction of antenna 4. Then enter the new ports. Molimo pogledajte Multiple AP function. How to configure the E-Paper on ES, and can it send up to multi-users? If your camera is not listed in iSpy 0200 Agent then click “Get Latest List” in settings or when on the add camera wizard. Why can’t I access or view the Campro Express 64 from remote? Otvorite Web UI kamere. The European style Smart plug will show a blue color light.


The watchdog functions works by using the PING command. Please check if these cameras can be search by IP wizard, first. Firmware upgrading failed, how to recover Air3GII? If your model name is WLAP, it does not have emergency function. Trenutno se server za ispis temelji na Windows operacijskom sustavu. It is suggested to download the installation guide as the PDF file, please read it carefully and then configures your device for evaluation.

Air,ive to install smart key to SD For outdoor installation, please use the tube for waterproofing the connectors and the cables. Why the PTZ function of the camera move slowly? But i tried to turn my computer off and on, it went to the windows loading logo and then freezes or the screen goes black, why?

Airlive IP camera URL

Your credentials are only used locally by javascript to generate a URL for your camera. For getting a smoother and stable video stream, we need to rearrange the video profile. How can I improve the night vision quality of this camera?


Check the status zirlive Hard Disk and make sure the Hard Disk 2000 ready and the correct size of hard disk. If you do not wish to use the default ports, please go to “Server Setup” and press the “Stop” button. How quickly to use the continuous recording function by manually? How to setup Client mode for 2. Please cilck the PDF file.

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The body of ODHD is water-repellent, but the metal parts of those connectors are not. Day light is with visible lights and IR lights. How to configure the Tx Power as 29 dBm?

Please check whether MAC Fitlering is enabled. Is this possible that camera works in horizontal position or vertical position?