Alternately, you may mail me one million dollars in small, unmarked bills. However, for typical e. Although this example illustrates several unknowns being resolved by a single swept impedance measurement, it should be noted that the greatest accuracy occurs when each circuit element is analyzed independently, if possible. Message 5 of But the way, I also have a old computer with labview 5.

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National Instruments doesn’t support it but it is listed as compatible for so it may take care of some of the incompatibilities you’re seeing. Hello, I have tried to find something on the internet about this and it seems like it is possible. If not what kind of crash does putting in GPIB Agilent IO Library Suite Requesting excessively tight fit tolerance will thus cause the fit to time out.

Message 1 of 5. Measuring the length and velocity of the line will also help. This sounds closest to my issue.


Here you can see a print screen of searching. You may select any of the three self-explanatory fit criteria for one or both data sets. The complete list is available at: Enabling Agilent programs b Enable NI I’d return the agilent adaptor and go get an NI model.

For more info on VI Snippets visit: The software will not automatically turn off the bias after the sweep.

These data sets are plotted in the two graphs to the left.

Each red flash indicates a new attempt to read measurements. They are mainly made to use NI hardware.

PyVISA: Control your instruments with Python — PyVISA dev0 documentation

Below is the part of the program. Enabling side-by-side mode in Typical setup b Alternatively, you can choose Custom setup for the installation, then select side-by-side mode. Hobby Circuits and Small Projects Problems:: But an afternoon on your therapist’s couch might help you recover this long-repressed memory: This software provides remote operation, data acquisition, and data processing capabilities for the HP A impedance analyzer.

Most Active Lqbview Boards: An HP A impedance analyzer. Message 6 of The following modifier keys can be used: If your system includes NI But the way, I also have a old computer with labview 5.


This is labgiew, for example, for studying the C-V behavior of a semiconductor p-n junction. Log in or sign up in seconds. Fake clone interface can be visual recognized by wrong alignment of Agilent logo and absence of conductive painting. Ensure that the instrument is correctly connected and configured for GPIB communications.

Help — HP A Sweep Utility

Each of them allows you to programmatically control instruments, send commands to them, and receive responses and data. I useally start there for connection issues. At least one data set must have an active fit criteria selected, and generally, fitting both sets simultaneously is appropriate.