Licklider Transmission Protocol 1. OpcUa Binary Protocol 1. Network Service Over IP 1. Yahoo Messenger Protocol 1. The boards offer full bit resolution and guarantee monotonicity over the entire operating temperature range. Netgear Ensemble Protocol 2. Remote Process Execution 1.

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DOF Network Protocol 2.

Real Time Location System 2. Bluetooth 3DS Profile 1. Internet Relay Chat 1. Strip away the details — such as channel count and speeds — and the essential components of a DAQ system can be seen as the sensors, data acquisition hardware and a processor, complete with configuration or development software of course, there are variations on this, depending on the application.

All 32 channels may be configured to update simultaneously or they may be updated one at a time as data is written.

Amateur Radio BPQ 1. The AC power is provided using a panel-mounted receptacle. DG Gryphon Protocol 1.


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

Bluetooth HCI Command 1. Cisco Group Uusb Protocol 1. Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network 1. Remote Shared Virtual Disk 2. Babel Routing Protocol 1.

HomePNA, wlan link local tunnel 2. Fibre Channel Fabric Zone Server 1. VMware Lab Manager 1. Vendor Specific Network Protocol 1. Symantec Enterprise Firewall 1. Mesh Link Establishment 2.

Intelligent Service Interface 2. The cables are fully shielded and are available in 1, 3, 10 and 20 foot lengths.

Novell Modular Authentication Service 1. Distributed Network Protocol 3. Logotype Certificate Extensions 1. Xpress Transport Protocol 1.

Protocol Independent Multicast 1. Unisys Transmittal System 1. They require significantly more bus bandwidth to maintain the interactive experience users have come to expect. Ethernet over IP 1. Open Shortest Path First 1.

Session Multiplex Protocol 2.

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Kernel Lock Manager 1. CIP Modbus Object 1. Performance Co-Pilot Proxy 2. World of Warcraft 1. This combines Ethernet’s widespread usage and robust architecture with instrumentation-specific functionality, such as wired trigger bus and IEEE synchronization, and extends it for use in PXI Express mainframes, making it an ideal solution for data acquisition applications.