Is there a rom of Orcarina of Time version 1. I’ve looked at the Project64 site but they don’t seem to have anything specific to my problem. The game is close to perfect with Glide64 except that the in game monitors like mentioned ain’t showing correctly but Jabo’s 1. In any event, thanks for your hard work. Why, just the other month, when I started working on my own controller plugin using zilmar’s 1.

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But thought id just let you all know that if you like that game you might have to run two different coppies of the ROM emulator: For example I recently ported Jnes to Android, which I’ve enjoyed a lot. I had been looking everywhere for a way to contact you!

Project 64 vibration in Logitech controllers..

GAN Seriously, is there no zipped copy of these files? When I say it’s not my best work I’m referring to the quality and structure of the code, I haven’t kept up to date with other emulators. I have heard that it wouldn’t be powerful enough to emulate 64 plkgin but that wouldn’t stop some from trying. Project64 authors do not want their plugins distributed outside of the emulator’s setup files, but the setup files may be redistributed as long as they are not modified.


If you have an analogue stick, set it in exactly the same way, but make sure the positive and negative direction of each axes is correctly ada;toid to a pair, i.

It was sad to go back to Emutalk for the first time in Jabo congratulations for continue performance this emulator. Falco4 For some reason i dont have Jabos Directsound. Joey Hey Jabo, Nice work with the 1. Help would be apprecaited thanks guys I will list all my settings: PUNK buster when i start the rom emulation start but i get a blank screen with nothing on it help me i wanna play nintendo games reply. I’m mostly here just to play games. Before ultraHLE, I remember them saying it couldn’t be done.

You must do this for every emulator you use.

n64/psx adaptoid problem

Used to have some minor glitches like the sun looking funny when the game starts and the day transition. You will not be able to save a game that uses MemPaks.

Ocarina of Time” I have the same problem as retrozify. Jabo Sorry about that should be all fixed up. It gives me the possibility to experience an important part of my childhood again my old NController’s stick is donei think that many people feel this way about it.

All you have to adaptod is copy the contents of the Plugin folder found in this archive into the Plugin folder of an emulator. My controller works fine now, but I have a question adaptold something else.


You are, and always have been, awesome. Yoshistar95 73 Will the next version plugn a graphic plugin that gives Super Mario 64 a proper graphical reading? I need a plugin with OpenGL Jabo.

Glide64 should be used here because it fixes various GFX problems that’s haunted Jabo’s plugin for years. There is a patch available to apply these updates as well as a ZIP archive for those who prefer to download and manage the files directly. There should only be a few to worry about now: Paku 68 To load faster, press f4, then when loaded press f4 again. The settings included do not make every game playable, and were basically left there from testing experiences.

You can say that you’re not going to do something without being rude.

I mean, I don’t get it, lol. Plugins included with this pack: Is there anything I can do to make it stop? EmuNoviceUser 34 I noticed under the Plugin settings that the version numbers were all listed as 1.