The resolution is hardly a revolution, either. Add a little colour and the C does well, with graphs and graphics rendered with just enough lustre to impress. Nov 9, Something similar to some devices such as router’s not working with Macs if you install the software. At 35 decibels, the C is whisper-quiet compared to most projectors, though it doesn’t have the built-in speakers now common on beamers of all sizes; on a projector this tiny that would be pointless since it’s smaller than the laptop it must be connected to. Did you see the specs in the acer link?

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Nov 9, There’s also a small fake-felt bag for the C, though it’s so snug it’s hard to fit the projector inside, and there’s no room for the USB cable. Achieving around Lumens of acfr, this tiny micro projector — one that gets all of its power from the USB ports of a connected laptop — is the darling of the portable Powerpoint presentation. User profile for user: Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Crack open the curtains to let some daylight in, and the C’s impressive images fade alarmingly, so we’d recommend only x120 it in situations where you know you’ll be able to predict or control the light levels.

Having sat the C on a coffee table opposite a projection screen in a complete blackout, we settled on a inch image from about 1.

So its chances of working without a Mac driver are dim pun intended. Ask a question Reset.


It weighs a mere g and measures just x82x26mm, but it’s not just the C’s size that impresses. Besides the C’s connector slot is a DC power input, though there’s nothing in the box. It’s with its bulb that c1220 C shows its true colours. There’s actually nothing else to detain us here ,ac from a slightly sticky manual focus dial — what with there being no user interface or any kind of image adjustments — so we’ll move on to the quality of the projected image.

Plugged into the side of a PC laptop — something that unfortunately necessitates using not just two USB slots, but two side-by-side USB slots wince, Ultrabook owners — the C fuels itself and acts as a simple desktop projector. At the very bottom? Pride of place in Acer’s Travel Series, the C will appeal to any road warrior who occasionally needs to quickly impress with an instant Powerpoint presentation.

SNIP regarding your intended punwhen searching, I read a review contemporary with the projector’s release and I stopped reading when it started talking about TWO simultaneous USB connections required for Full Brightness – beyond my comprehension!

Nov 9, 1: Did you acre the specs in the acer link?

Acer Pico C | TechRadar

This is a Powerpoint projector, plain and simple. Although I have never used or seen a c, I think the restriction is that the projector’s software won’t work with a Mac. Plainly says no Mac or Android. There is a way aer make it compatible???? Setting-up the C isn’t difficult at all, but nor is it flexible. The ma provided has two USB slots on one end and a proprietary Acer-made figure-of-eight connection on the other. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.


There’s almost nothing to it; plug it in to a laptop’s USB slots and — after engaging auto-play of an EXE file stored on the C itself — drivers installed on the C itself will mirror or extend the desktop.

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It’s not the best or the brightest, but when it comes to portable projectors on a budget, Acer has got it nailed. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Indeed, it doesn’t even have a user interface to speak of.

Acer Led Projector C120 Driver Download

The need to have two USB slots for the supply of full brightness is a little odd, and the added requirement to have them very close to each other will instantly rule out many laptops and ultrabooks. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: Posted on Nov 9, That’s a shame since the only other way to achieve full brightness is to be sure to use both USB terminals on a laptop, or else the brightness dims.

However, steer away from fine or small text — the C performs best with big, bold fonts. The tiny size and — almost as useful — lack of bulky power pack and remote control makes the C mightily tempting.