RME is also good. Lil’ D Texas Status: I also got a little scared off by the driver support problems I read about with the Aardvark. Their verb sounds like the inside of a submarine. But yes, it’s going to be expensive.

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I have had very minimal driver issues working in windows me. Honestly for my needs, the Aark is doing a great job! Thanks in advance, I want to make the smartest decision for sound, performance and price. I wouldn’t use the onboard effects for recording, only for monitoring.

Hi! Please give opinion about Aardvark Direct Pro 2496

It’s a dead card from a dead company But it’s a good dead card. Plus I get the inserts for comps etc. They seem solid now. The new drivers solved my latency and media playback problems.

View More Photo Galleries. However, I’m guessing are both fine units and we’ll each be happy with our decision. Aardvark Direct Pro questions.


If you want to get good value from what you already have, then loading XP on a new computer makes sense. I’ll keep my ears peeled to learn more obout the Omni. Really appreciate the help. Or is this simply not possible? I just bought a new Xardvark of course with Vista and will be ordering Sonar 7 p. I also find myself recording without any effects or compression and adding this later.

Aardvark Aark24 or Direct Pro – VDrums Forum

User Control Panel Log out. How is the compressor in the effects unit of the Aardvark?

Load Win XP and continue to use card? I finally got the Omni installed last night but I haven’t tried recording with it yet. After two years I am still impressed with how solid dirrct piece of equipment the aark is. I have the drivers for the card but not the Direct Pro SW, if anyone still has it let me awrdvark.

I love my Direct Pro My question: RME is also good. I like having the “zero” latency monitoring without taxing the host cpu. Someone knows a way with Vista? I’m running Sonar and Cool Edit Pro on a dual monitor box.


MarlboroMan23 Max Output Level: Thanks again, I am looking forward to using Sonar 7 p. Lil’ D Texas Status: Enter your search terms Submit search form. I also got a little scared off by the driver support problems I read about with the Aardvark.

Hard to even use for headphone monitoring. Truth is if it wasnt for the monopoly of windows and aatdvark we would all be better served with lynux or BEos which was basically crushed by Windows financial Structure.