Ever since the initial release of the nForce chipset, the platform has been in ascendancy. Jul 20, Posts: He killed his mobo oc’ing- it’s painfully obvious. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. We’ve all got old drives laying around, grab one put 2k on it and then try booting off it. But, if the RMA rate were lower, the factor would be less and costs would go down.

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You could try using another XP chip if you can get your hands on it.

Fri May 09, I’m running at 2. Are you shitting me? DASP is also unchanged and aims to feed the processor with as much relevant data as possible to keep the front end of the pipeline busy and the CPU working to its full potential.


Fri May 09, 5: I don’t have the mental fortitude to put myself through that repeatedly. D43m0n Ars Praetorian Registered: I casn’t tell you how many times I’ve helped friends repair their systems with it.


Network adapter ndivia not working. When overclocking the FSB I learned the hard way, like youI use Ghost to create a disk image at stock speed a78x a separate drive.

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Want to know if that peripheral is a7n8c with Linux? Monitor your temps too. XP’s recovery console fixes never seem to work. My temps are around C and im cooling with an Arowflow.

overclocking killed my network on A7n8X, HELP!!

He killed his mobo oc’ing- it’s painfully obvious. It happens a lot and it’s wrong.

Should i RMA Are you shitting me? If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. If anyone does know why it wouldn’t work, I’d be interested to hear about it, a7n8 enough. They may not lower them if people stop, but at least they won’t raise them any higher.

A7N8X: Network adapter not working

Fri May 09, 9: Anyhow set everything back to stock and reformat the drive and take it easy in your OCing adventure. I’m surprised chkdsk came up clean. Fri May 09, 8: I don’t know about any other online hardware reviewer, but before a new article this one likes to have a good think about whatever it is he’s reviewing to get a good ‘angle’ on things and hopefully spit out a decent read after all the Homesite abuse has stopped. Bugster Ars Centurion Registered: If your network comes back format rinse netwodk repeat.


Guess who they pass this cost to I say let him pay for his own damn equipment, it’s not netwogk to us a7n8d pay for his lesson- and we will when Asus has to recoup the losses for all the peeps out there who do this shit. Holy shit Guybo, who kicked over your sand castle?!? Then just put the drive back in the XP machine and you’re good to go. I’ll give you an example.

Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. That period when yields on the processors are so good that the lower end models are remarked versions of the high clocking cores.