Well, it’s different in this way: Kernel pcnet32 -modulissa suoraan. Retrieved November 30, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I would recommend this bridge or a similar product. Aug 11, Posts: What do you guys think of HomePNA?

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Some vendors call their bridges “HomePNA 2 compatible,” which is technically true because the standard is backward compatible. Jan 21, Posts: Yeah, and the current available at “high” voltage 40 volts or so is all of a few milliamps; a few tens of ma for ring voltage. Supports 8K MAC address table per module.

Jomepna to all kind of network protocols. Sun Sep 01, 5: Aug 23, Posts: Mar 21, Posts: What do you guys think of HomePNA?

HPN causes me nothing but headaches. Can you explain why bridging the connections is bad? Supports rich diagnostic LED indicators.

I would recommend this bridge or a similar product. But I nearly lost my sanity trying to figure that out. A low-pass filter may be needed between any phones and their respective jacks to block noise.



HomePNA does not manufacture products, although its members do. Live power going straight to your isb PCI bus is bad news. And the phone line networking PCI cards do use transformers and optoisolators and other good stuff, typically with breakdown voltages well over V. Aug 11, Posts: By this argument, a-lunk time someone wants better than 56K dialup, they should have the phone company run CAT5 for them.

One other word of caution.

What do you guys think of homePNA?

What are the negatives of it? Somehow I get the feeling that driver knows what he’s talking about.

Modern three- or four-pair phone wire is actually unshielded twisted pair and two of those pairs will often work fine for base-T 10 Mbpsno “phone line networking” interfaces needed. Computer 1 plugs into line 2, Bridge plugs into -alink 2, computer 2 plugs into line 1.

ASIX AX – USB to 10//M Gigabit Ethernet Controller with GMII Interface

Tue Sep 03, 2: Your uwb line, UNlike the power lines, has a set of very good gas discharge surge suppressors on it where it enters the house. Kernel pcnet32 -modulissa suoraan. Mon Sep 02, 6: I probably wont need a bridge because the computer upstairs just has to be able to pump MP3s over the network and decode them to my stereo not really meant for internet or anything like that.


Originally posted by adamjaskie: The cool thing is that now all the jacks in my house have HPNA access instead of just the two jacks for line 2. BTW, a bridge is sort of like a two port switch. Mar 29, Posts: It’s down more often than it’s up, and for some reason, my halogen desk lamp can bring it down obviously the lamp is putting out a lot of interference, but I don’t think it should take down the HPN.

No external power required.