These new chips provide few consumer-facing additional features; Nvidia instead focused on power efficiency. Parallax occlusion mapping Stones. Benchmark your GPU here. Retrieved May 24, What is the Splatting GPU benchmark? High dynamic range lighting Teapot Group Test Results Best user rated – User sentiment trumps benchmarks for this comparison.

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Nvidia announced that after Release drivers, Nvidia will no longer release bit drivers for bit operating systems.

GeForce 900 series

Insanely faster peak complex splatting. If any of the queues that are assigned to a partition empty out or are unable to submit work for any reason e. Today’s hottest Amazon Ebay Newegg. Serving as the high-end introduction to Maxwellnamed after James Clerk Maxwellthe GeForce Series is a family of graphics processing units developed by Nvidiasucceeding the GeForce series.

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Downloads for Graphics Drivers for Mobile IntelĀ® 965 Express Chipset Family

These new chips provide few consumer-facing additional features; Nvidia instead focused on power efficiency. How it works – Download and run UserBenchMark. The structure of the warp scheduler is inherited from Kepler, chipet allows each scheduler to issue up to two instructions that are independent from each other and are in order from the same warp.


Oxide claims that this led to Nvidia pressuring them not to include the asynchronous compute feature in their benchmark at all, so that the series cchipset not be at a disadvantage against AMD’s products which implement asynchronous compute in hardware.

Insanely 965 peak NBody calculation. Force Splatted Flocking Swarm. With Maxwellthe successor to KeplerNvidia expected three major outcomes from the Maxwell: Reflection High dynamic range lighting Teapot.

Retrieved May 27, Nvidia revealed that it is able to disable individual units, each containing KB of L2 cache and 8 ROPs, without disabling whole memory controllers. Second generation Maxwell introduced several new technologies: Maxwell requires that the GPU be statically partitioned for asynchronous compute to allow tasks to run concurrently.

Fastest real world speed – Real World Speed measures performance for typical consumers. While it was once thought that Maxwell used tile-based immediate mode rasterization[12] Nvidia corrected this at GDC saying Maxwell instead uses Tile Caching.

UserBenchmark: Intel G45/G43 Express Chipset vs Nvidia GTX M

GeForce 2 4 MX. Insanely faster NBody calculation.

It appears that while this core feature is in fact exposed by the driver, [47] Nvidia partially implemented it through a driver-based shimcoming at a high performance cost. Maxwell provides native shared memory atomic operations for bit integers and native shared memory bit and bit compare-and-swap CASwhich can be used to implement other atomic functions.


Please enter your feedback here. Render target array GShader Sphere You can quickly size up your PC, identify hardware problems and explore the best upgrades. Retrieved December 16, High dynamic range lighting Teapot.

Insanely better peak lighting effects. We calculate effective 3D speed which estimates gaming performance for the top 12 games.

GeForce series – Wikipedia

Additionally, it was revealed that the card was designed to access its memory as a 3. What is the effective GPU speed index?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nvidia also claims an 8 to 10 times performance increase 95m PureVideo Feature Set E video decoding due to the video decoder cache paired with increases in memory efficiency.

Second generation Maxwell also changed the ROP to memory controller ratio from 8: