On the File menu, click Delete. If you will be setting up this attribute in LDAP for the first time, you can use a name of your choice. Select the language of the header page to be sent with your e-mail attachments. Page Changing the tagThe tag appears in the ApplicationTag field of the header. Page 47 To run the setup program1Turn your computer on. Be the first to write a review. HP Address BookManagerUsed to set up user profiles, as well as e-mailand fax destinations for sending e-mailmessages and faxes directly from the digitalsender.

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Firmware upgrades are done using Enterprise Center software and new firmware images. Configuration methodsWhen configuring the digital sender, a user or administrator sdnder several methods. HP encountered an error while trying to scan your product. The descriptions below are taken from those Help files.

The profiles can contain private address books and distribution lists as well as personal preferences. To use the activity logThe activity viewer shows different information about the messagesarranged in columns. This program is necessary if you want to send documents to your computer.

Editing the e-mail headerUsing the Web Access tool, you can edit the information in the e-mailheader sometimes known as the e-mail cover page. Page Restoring old firmware imagesUse this procedure for the following reasons: If HP receives notice of such defects during the warranty period, HP will replace software media that does not execute its programming instructions due to such defects.


HP C Digital Sender (Token Ring) Overview – CNET

Function key problemsYou should see a sendwr key on the control panel for eachfunctionality that you configured. Turn the digital sender off and thenback on. The e-mail transmission failedbecause of a problem in thenetwork. If DSN is not supported through the entire path, areturn notification might not occur.

Contact HP customer support if the actionssuggested below do not resolve the problem. Go to the next step. Thedigital sender is shutting down. Press the action button labeled Fax on the control panel display. To do this, click the top of the column containing thatinformation. Type of Document Select the default file quality type from the list. Page Internal error message descriptions and actions continued 9,through9,Internal problem infunctionality for example,sending to fax, backup,restore, or upgrade.

Thedigital sender is restarting.

The digital sender is an HP Jetsend-enabled device. How does HP install software and gather data? The digital sendersuccessfully imported theaddresses.

HP 9100C Digital Sender (Token Ring)

For example, if the running image is 2 and a firmware upgrade occurs, the running image should change to 1. During the procedure to importe-mail addresses, some of thefields in the directoryconfiguration were not filled.


Ability to send documents from the digital sender to other computers on your network. Asia Pacific and Oceania. Page Replacing the lower rollers3Replace the lower rollers if they are worn if, for example, the digital sender ispicking up multiple sheets of paper.

Dlgital messagesThis table contains the error messages that might appear when youare installing the software and actions to take to resolve the problem. See details for additional description. This procedure detects if thedigital sender is still waiting for notification from the LAN fax serverabout faxes that have been sent.

Ssnder field can be customized to display a text message of your choice that will be sent to all e-mail recipients when you send a document in PDF format. After you reset rigital network parameters, neither you nor any users can use the digital sender again until you have reconfigured it.

Reset network parameters Reset the network parameters for the following reasons:. Authentication The HP digital sender supports varying levels of user access and security.