These problems are two-fold so far: After all lets face the facts, overclockers are generally considered to represent only a very small portion of the entire mainboard consumer markets. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. These type of DRAM timing options are common among motherboards based on Intel chipsets, and is really all that is necessary to leverage good memory performance besides frequency control of course. Still, it’s nice to see that some motherboard makers are at least making sure that there is absolutely no chance that users in the future will need a BIOS update to allow for higher FSB speeds like with MSI’s nForce2 series of motherboards.

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However, performance tweakers will rejoice over this high voltage, and will especially like the nice added bonus of being able to more finely tune VDIMM in 0. This is an old archive page of HWZ prior to revamp.

For more information regarding CSA and its benefits, take a look at page 5 of our Intel P chipset review. So in total, you’ll be able to connect four Beo and six IDE drives to this motherboard, which equals a grand total of ten possible drives that can be connected to this motherboard. This technology is called ” Jack Sensing “, and nek quite 875o it has finally come. However, there is a nice CoreCell Windows utility that allows you to adjust fan speeds, but this still doesn’t explain MSI’s other claims onboard components durability, power savings during idle activity, etc.

When we booted up the board, we were pleasantly surprised and it was quite the ‘first love’ we were talking about. These problems are two-fold so far:.


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MSI 875P Neo-FIS2R (875P): Our favorite thus far

In theory, CoreCell is supposed to be able to regulate four things: Of course there is a lot more to a good motherboard than simply how well it overclocks. The entire package now comes in a huge sparsely designed box that contains the following items: In other words, beo got 3: This type of VAGP ceiling is way beyond the recommend default 1. So, there’s really not much of excitement there anymore.

As we said in our ASUS P4C Deluxe reviewmost desktop users will find this feature to be nice instead of necessary; but there will always be those who desire this capability for something a little more potent than desktop usage.

Not the fastest, but an awesome board still! We weren’t very sure of their claims and definitely not too convinced as the MS was quite a hard product to beat. If you’d like to read more about this controller, visit this web page.

Support For P Neo-LSR/ FIS2R | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

Imagine, at that time, MSI’s MS was one of the very few Slot-1 based motherboard to allow some pretty serious overclocking. Moreover, they told us that we would love the board, and it would definitely rekindle our first love for the MS Intel BX. The extra USB 2. Unfortunately MSI did not include some sort of CPU fan speed control option in this section like other motherboard makers have been doing for quite some time.


After all lets face the facts, overclockers are generally considered to represent only a very small portion of the entire mainboard consumer markets. Log in Don’t have an account?

We were glad that MSI’s picking up user’s comments seriously and certainly hope that they’ll continue to do so. Our favorite thus far by Evan Lieb on May 6, The question lurking in our mind was how much more powerful would its overclocking features be. This is certainly a concern for users who are sensitive to PC components noise. What is more significant is that overclockers and die hard enthusiasts typically set the trends that mainstream consumers follow.

Only through such positive feedbacks nel users would their products be made more appealing to the mass consumers. MSI told us that they have addressed some of the issues we’ve raised with regards to their past motherboard designs and have now taken them all into consideration. Before we go on we should mention a few BIOS issues we ran into that we have been unable to confirm until recent hours.

MSI 875P Neo-FIS2R – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i875P Series

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Supported up to 3.

We will report our findings in our P roundup later this month. Ships with the following: