I’ve tried several times following the same procedure that works with Intel chips of course using AMD’s drivers on this one! And some benchmarks under AHCI mode: I guess the sharp drop was due to TRIM doing its job. It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. The Phenom II was ordered, and a friend of mine gave me a spare GX-based motherboard as a birthday gift. E-mail me when people reply to my comments Comment sorting order:

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Dell returns to the stock market after six years. I am so going to try it when I get home. And some benchmarks under AHCI mode: Crazy kids, spoiled with your Phenom IIs and Core 2s.

Enabling AHCI on Windows 7 systems with AMD | TechPowerUp Forums

My Q served me well and overclocked to a smooth 3GHz. View options x Haci options: I managed to get it to install and work with the Vista Windows Registry Editor Version 5. Flat, reverse-chronological No threading. Register a new account.


780G Drivers & Support

I failed to hide the SATA driver update. Really appreciated and still at the top of google results 2 years later! Long story short, I took a trip to boot recovery to use system restore.

I guess AMD just has to be difficult! Steam names the best-selling games of On reboots, it got to the point where it is animating the windows logo annnnnd BSOD.

Achi Apr 5, Messages 6, 1. This may not work on other AMD G boards and may not even be very smart, but it worked for me. Follow the instructions above but completely ignore everything to do with The AMD catalyst installer wont deinstall the ahci driver and northbridge driver it itself installed.

Already have an account? However, if you want to get Vista running in AHCI mode, you have to first agci the OS in IDE mode, then swap the hard drive to an auxiliary storage controller running on the same system, switch the SB to AHCI mode and install the necessary drivers, and then move the hard drive back to the south bridge.


Also, Windows 7 required a driver installation to detect my optical drive. Browse the extraction path for whci above package: After boot, the OS installs the proper drivers, then prompts for another reboot. Thank you for sharing this!

Remember when MHz was a major overclock? About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile.

Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community. I used the info you gathered here to initially bump my driver version from 1. The hotfix fortunately isn’t required with the SB E-mail me when people reply to my comments.

G Drivers & Support | AMD

Worked a treat I know it’s a old threadbut had to bump Cheers. I guess the sharp drop was due to TRIM doing its job. CaptainFailcon New Xhci Apr 27,