It has been copied even with contact’s images! Software’s free for the basic version, which should do a job for you. I’ve had a really weird problem for a long time, with two different phones Also, camera shutter sounds! That’s strange, I haven’t had any problems with cover art. I want to develop an alternative OS for the xpressmusic. After performing several test it appeared that the SD card 1 GB that ws in the phone was not functioning correctly although it worked pefectly in the other phones.

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Hi I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to find the information I need from this thread, although my question has probably to a degree been answered: Right-click on the file you want to send, select deviec To”, and then you should be able to figure out the rest; yes, I also tried that, but my system insists on compress the file in a.

Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver

In reply to kermit’s post on November 29, Still I have problems installing mtp device driver. It is very easy and works like a charm. KS yes, I found the solution.

The good thing about the fix is that even if you have music in ogg format it will encode them to mp3 and sync them on the fly. I use 3G instead. Doesn’t look like a solution’s devics anytime soon. I guess it’s because they try and document after the code is done and most of their coders are mediocre.


Nokia and MTP USB Driver problem [Archive] – PC World Forums

If anyone got the bluetooth file transfer working please Pertaining to your email, I do apologize for the inconvenience caused; your Nokia XpressMusic is currently incompatible for use with Ovi. Through trial and error I found an optimal cover art size for the vevice Don’t just jump to conclusions that factory reset is they only way to fix it, there are other methods out there.

Hi bbldox, thanks for the replies: In the meantime I’m still looking for the upnp implementation in I try all the suggestments above, including the use of Album Art Cover Downloader Installed Nokia PC suite latest version. I’ve read this one that gave me a hint, apparently the cell’s USB chip sucks https: Whenever I connected it to the PC a icon of “new driver” got displayed and nothing happened except for the message “MTP device” being displayed.

The device will be cleaned to the factory settings. I can’t enjoy the phone while worrying about my bill It is tricky if it does not recognise all the tracks, also am not sure if I can add my own choice of artwork yet.


[Strange] PC connection problem (“MTP Device” message)

Which is understandable, everyone is pushing their own services. Turn on the phone 9. So tell me, what’s the technical version of the above? Way easier solution ktp that. It has been copied even with contact’s images!

D Well, I didn’t found the terrible ones. Copying mp3 files directly is a cumbersome method The nokia doesn’t show up in rhythmbox, doesn’t matter if i choose mass storage mode or pc suite mode.

D Thanks a mmtp Victor.

The pictures are automatically transfer in the picture folder and I have to set them manually. Hm, I’ve tried this but it mttp work for me Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Hope it helps others. Guess it not working and what people have mentioned, does tie in with in the HAL changes and deprecation being made in Ubuntu.