Tarheel14, thanks for the reply. How can I use my wall mounted product on a DIN rail? I got the impression from reading other posts, that if one were to have two HDS units, all you need to do is connect them via ethernet to share both sonar AND waypoints. Suitable to be wired into existing power and network infrastructure or can be used with our PW power supply. In the section covering structure map, the person warned against saving sonar logs to the internal memory of the unit. I just did this and it was pretty simple. I was hoping I could use the card in the LMS as a place to store and retrieve files from, for use on the Gen2.

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I believe you need the kit. I just know I don’t find them helpful at all. I really appreciate it.

LMS C IGPS to HDS 7 Gen2 touch via Ethernet?

None etherneh the above. I was hoping I could use the card in the LMS as a place to store and retrieve files from, for use on the Gen2. I wonder if you’d be able to help me with another question about networking that I asked in another thread I started, but haven’t gotten any response to? Handshaking is performed by software protocol. Way point sharing and synchronization? How do I create a loop back connector? Baud rates can be standard values such as 9, , ,or user definable non standard values.


I’m new to this whole networking and connecting units via Ethernet thing.

Is it worth doing this? Yes you can network them with ethernet and share sonar between them.

LMS-522C iGPS Unit, Manual, and Accessories Information

But the touch7 map is way more updated, detailed and precise. How do I find out if an unusual baud rate is supported by my Brain Boxes Serial card?

Do you have a distributor in my country? Fail safe open circuit and short circuit protection, protects the Industrial ethernet ehernet serial device server against wiring faults.

No Your thinking in the last paragraph is right with respect to two HDS units. What is the cause of buffer overrun when transmitting data to my serial card? I figure if you can export one kind of file, you should be able to export 52c kind of file? OM-ES and OM-ES implement a state of the art hardware autogating circuit ensuring error free communications in half duplex configurations.

I’m just agreeing with the earlier posts Extreme temperatures can be generated in the manufacturing process, machinery can be noisy and dangerous sthernet space is a premium. Thanks again for your reply. The lms unit won’t recognize that structure map file.


Not ethernef if that was what you were worried about, though. Odd, even, none, mark or space Stop Bits: Ethernet Interface takes advantage of a companies pre-existing infrastructure, allowing you to connect to your Brainboxes device over the local network, or from across the world. Place Order Specify Model Number.

Industrial Ethernet to Serial Device Servers

Serial Port Tunnelling peer to peer allows serial cable replacement over any distance, no software required. In reading my owners manual it says I can export way point and trail ethernnet to an SD card, but no mention of exporting structure map files. Industrial Ethernet to Serial Device Servers. The devices can be fitted in areas where it would be dangerous for workers to monitor while the factory line is in operation.

It will have to be recorded from the gen 2 and also converted from gen 2 and displayed from gen Power supply switching95 to Vac input, 24 Vdc output mA.