Some items that i’m interested in would be: Doesn’t look to bad to me. It doesn’t have hideous distortion, or protective panels that give it monstrous flare problems. This, again, is something VirtualDub can do, without any loss of video quality. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. As a guest, you can browse and view the various discussions in the forums, but can not create a new topic or reply to an existing one unless you are logged in.

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It’s not focusable, though, so it’s stuck at the usual compromise fixed-focus distance that makes close-up pictures fuzzy, normal indoor shots sharper, and things a long way away a bit fuzzy again. That’s why it’s so fast. Good things about the interface: This thread is privately moderated by BD Flyerwho may elect to delete unwanted replies.

USB 5 in 1 eDVR

The eDVR has an internal lithium ion battery that ought to run it all day; it recharges when the camera’s plugged into a PC a full charge takes two and a half hours. The program that spends time on the encoding stage is the Sunrich converter, and I’ll bet you my right arm that the little blighter’s not just doing WMV encoding.

It will wait only seven seconds before doing this. The only flaw is when I glued the casing back together, you can kind of see that it was opened up.

5 In 1 Edvr Webcam Driver – Internal Hardware

Some items that i’m interested in would be: JPG as their first picture, so you have to do a lot of renaming and categorising to stop newer pictures overwriting older ones when you transfer them to your PC.


When you press the Mode button once, the display shows the quality setting “Hi”, for instancethen “Ac” for audio mode. Or with Direct Cap, the basic stream-video-to-disk application it comes with.

But hang on, I hear you ask. No LCD image review screen, no multi-button control panel.

eDVR 5 in 1 USB spy camera camcorder airplane rc ST LAB $50 – RC Groups

The only thing wrong with the files, besides their obscure codec, is edbr they don’t have interleaved audio, so Media Player Classic will sensibly warn you not to burn them to CD without fixing that because the disc may flog like crazy while playing the file.

Taking pictures The eDVR’s still images are, as is normal for cameras of this type, supremely unremarkable.

Register a free account to unlock additional features at BleepingComputer. Many “pen cam” gadgets have top-mounted shutter buttons, which make it easy to put one of your big fat knuckles in front of the tiny lens.

Why did you create another thread? Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs.

It captures by ; CIF res. The eDVR’s still images are, as is normal for cameras of this type, supremely unremarkable. So if you fill it with data, it’ll take more than four minutes to copy everything to your PC.

Anything that ln fly outdoors should be able to loft the eDVR with no trouble at all. And, if you ask me, worth every pennyno matter what Paul says. And it shoots video. But Lo shots are also noticeably sharper, which is odd for a camera that’s meant to have a by sensor. Consider the above to be foreshadowing.


And, according to the manufacturers, it’s got a by sensor, wdvr can shoot smooth 30 frame per second video at that resolution, not the Charlie Chaplin 15 frames per second of many older video-capable baby-cams. Now, I wouldn’t dream of calling the upstanding people at Sunrich Technology a bunch of shameless swindlers, a nest of thieves, or a collection of clue-free dimwits who don’t know the real specifications of their own products.

Sunrich Technology eDVR digital camera

One big problem with cheap baby-cams is that there’s no space in the budget for a proper user interface. Regardless, isn’t that the normal quality for this camera? Apr 25, I’m not making the plane footage available for download, partly because the only place the eDVR could be strapped onto the plane in question left it looking through the propeller giving some interesting horizontal lines, and a storm of wind noise on the audio trackbut mainly because the original STJ file was deleted, after being converted into And, in case you’re wondering, you can’t suck down VDub 1.

What’s all this, then?