Can’t wait to see the roundup! Archived from the original on February 4, Whether the Realizm fits your needs or not, Creative has certainly helped to keep the battle for the 3D workstation space interesting. Maybe a subjective appraisal of display quality could be part of this? Each GPU then handles the rest of the pipeline as it would normally have done on the Wildcat Realizm Archived from the original on December 17,

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Fragment shaders of up to K instructions with full flow-control, can be effortlessly executed from virtual memory. The resulting lighting “mesh” can then be rapidly displayed. To add Framelock and Genlock capabilities to the Wildcat Realizmthe kit offers an interface card, which occupies the space of an additional slot, and includes both a jumper cable to connect to reaism graphics accelerator and a six foot Framelock cable.

3Dlabs Wildcat Realizm , und – ComputerBase

So, the VSU splits the frame first, then processes the graphics and sends fragment data on to the GPUs over two bit parallel interfaces.

It enables a card to sync with video, or multiple cards in multiple machines to operate in concert.

The card itself draws about watts of power, so be sure to have a beefy power supply. Also, are “default professional settings” the same across brands? Three rendering modes are measured: Thousands of display lists of varying sizes go into generating each frame of the model.


As such, a whole new crop of graphics cards has been released to take advantage of the technology. GeForce U GC. Its GLINT SX graphics processor was the industry’s first single chip, 3D-capable graphics device that was shipped on graphics boards from multiple vendors.

The car model contains more than two million points. Wildcat Realizm graphics accelerators will also ship with support for S3’s texture compession technology, S3TC, which Creative Technology licensed from S3.

3Dlabs Wildcat Realizm 800 (640 MB)

The technology, although less than one year old, already is poised to replace AGP as tealism standard graphics bus for the PC. Archived from the original on October 18, This new card lives up to its lineage and is, without a doubt, one of the fastest cards on the market today.

We will try to compare this aspect of the WR and D3labs SLI solutions when we have all the cards and drivers in realim labs for testing. The wireframe workloads are measured both in normal and antialiased mode.

Commons category link is locally defined. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from ” https: This viewset includes state changes as made by the application throughout the rendering of the model, including matrix, material, light and line-stipple changes.

3Dlabs Wildcat Realizm 100, 200 und 800

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Likely, combining the geometry power from the VSU and both GPUs would have unbalanced the fragment processing abilities of the card or would have been otherwise too difficult to accomplish effectively.

Before we head to the numbers, we’ll lead off by saying that doubling the hardware doesn’t usually result in a linear 2x performance increase.

Inside the Wildcat Realizm – Wildcat Realizm 3Dlabs MultiGPU First Look

George Maestri is president of Rubberbug, a Los Angeles-based animation studio specializing in character animation. Archived from the original on December 18, Acuity drivers will also reailsm available with full bit drivers for Windows XP and Linux in the third quarter of State changes as made by the application are included throughout the rendering of the model, including matrix, material, light and line-stipple changes.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. SPECviewperf replicates d3labs geometry represented by the smaller engine block and submarine models to increase complexity and decrease frame rates.

Wildcat Realizm graphics accelerators process up to bit pixels with full bit floating point per 3doabs accuracy for the highest color fidelity. The overall numbers were excellent, making the Realizm the fastest OpenGL card I have tested so far.

It has a few drawbacks, such as its physical size and the price.