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Principles of snow hydrology, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. In our study, ice was typically in the form of a flat surface pond or smoothed snowpack, while in these studies ice was the surface of a glacier that included topographic roughness. Given these limitations, the initial broad research question regarding snow depth mapping is refined into two specific research questions addressed in this study:. Dense low vegetation compressed by the snowpack can result in SD underestimates due to a positive elevation bias in the snow-free reference image Nolan et al. We provide a download link for Windows operating systems and Mac OS, if you get the download link that is broken. We only provide the printer driver that you can download by clicking on the download link that we provide.

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We hypothesize that, except for very large gusts, the Pix4D block adjustment procedure is capable of accounting for uncertainty in camera attitude and location since we observed little or no sensitivity of either D or geolocation performance when using imagery with or without ephemeris not shown.

For each point cloud, snow cover points were identified in each sampling region using points exceeding the 50th percentile of the blue band in a sampling region.

The authors thank Najib Djamai, Robert Fraser and Morgan Macfarlane-Winchester and the two anonymous external reviewers for reviewing the paper.

Please scroll down to find a latest utilities and drivers for your HP Deskjet Accuracy of snow depth estimation in mountain and prairie environments by an unmanned aerial vehicle, The Cryosphere, 10, —, https: Login to quote this blog Login Close. Flights were performed between The Cryosphere, 12,https: March 8, The centre and southern portion of GS covered the river valley including spur hillslopes.


These results indicate that the accuracy of UAV-based estimates of weekly snow depth change was, excepting conditions with deep fresh snow, substantially better than for snow depth and was comparable to in situ methods.

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A total of 71 UAV missions were flown over five sites, ranging from short grass to a regenerating forest, with ephemeral snowpacks. The attitude of the stakes was measured at the start and end of the field season using a digital level to a precision of 0.

In contrast to studies reviewed in Sect. Similar biases have been reported in previous studies Vander Jagt et 3355. AC was an exception as GCPs could not be located at the northern edge due to access constraints.

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Its crucial to be aware that. HP Series Deskjet Driver 1. The following products are supported: The separation between regions was partly due to the availability of staff to perform surveys but also due to a desire to sample different snowpack and land surface conditions.

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We recommend that future studies consider the potential of using UAV information on snow depth change rather than absolute snow depth.

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For dates at or exceeding the median DK ranged from 4 to 8 not shown. See customer reviews and comparisons for the HP Deskjet color inkjet printer. Just download it now. This package contains the files for installing the driver for HP’s Deskjet, and Printers. Software drivers periodically need updating to resolve buggy software implementation, incompatibility with different versions of Windows and to make improvements to how the printers function.


The strong correlation observed between horizontal and vertical accuracy error was also in line with the theoretical error model.

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Irrespective of measurement method, in situ SD monitoring sites can have vastly different microclimates and topographic conditions than less 3355 areas nearby, thus increasing the potential for biases in estimated SD Brown et al. Red squares indicated overcast conditions. Driver Easy will detect all problem drivers in your computer, then download the new drivers. While in situ monitoring networks offer frequent temporal sampling, with the exception of GPS approaches, their spatial sampling can be imprecise and is often biased in terms of their representativeness of surrounding landscapes Gelfan, ; Essery and Pomeroy, ; Neumann et al.

The reduced contrast in imagery of homogenous snowpacks due to fresh snow covering all vegetation under overcast conditions results in reduced point cloud density Nolan et al.

As previously indicated, this was a conscious decision due to the difficulty of adequate non-destructive in situ sampling in forested areas and our desire not to further complicate the point cloud processing when having to deal with snow on vegetation.

For each site, the r 2 was below 0.