Another element to consider with stroker kits is rod ratio, which we mentioned earlier. They say that the isn’t a great dd because you have a longer stroke which puts more sideways force on the cylinder walls. He went on to explain that the is a good daily driver motor and that the piston wear is no more than in any other motor. I wonder if Ronnie Crawford is still building ‘s. A senior master that I work with has a in his mustang I saw the video several times and thought you did very well against tom. You’re going to need compatible cylinder heads, valve and port size, camshaft profile, valvespring pressures, suitable carburetion or fuel injection, header tube size and length, transmission and rearend capacity, and more.

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In other words, rod length versus stroke. In fact it’s quite common.

When taking an engine strokerr extremes with full-time racing, nitrous, or supercharging, forged pistons become mandatory for durability or you risk breaking a forged steel crank and H-beam rods. My rebuild hasthousand miles on it and has sgroker ultra reliable but still I would like a little more power and it is no spring chicken The is the best choice for high rpms and power adders.

We want to keep it carbeurated as well.


Hi guys, First time posting here. Ford Racing also has some good crate engines but use heads that have relocated spark plug locations that can be hard to find headers for. The tech at Ford said the same thing about the magazine articles that bashing the motor.

These guys can take up strlker horsepower if you’re so inclined. Probe makes a good piston for the money.

Originally Posted by cmefly View Post. Now you might argue that a certain ‘brand’ has been achieved with a ‘ stroker’ — and I can’t argue with that. BB code is On. I cannot wait to see the response from everyone when they wake up.

As stated above, it’s the quality of the components and how well the engine builder installed the shortblock. Password Please enter a password for your user account.

What do you think about 331-347 stroker fords?

The car with driver weighed lbs. Quick Engine Math How do you determine an engine’s displacement? A longer rod yields more dwell time at each end of the cylinder bore, which means more time for air and fuel to amass. You can’t go against physics. Password Please enter a password for your user account. My car with me in it weighs lbs. I would go with a from CHP. That gives us better throttle response thanks to longer dwell time.

Your challenge as an engine architect is incorporating the right combination of parts for optimum performance and reliability. Deal with it, strokeg Alan adds that wristpin location is known as compression height, yet he tells us that he doesn’t agree with that terminology.


347 Stroker on Daily Driver

The W has a 9. BB code is On.

I was talking to a in the stang show I went to here in Tuczon, AZ and i’ve mentioned my plan on doing a stroker, and he told me that wont be a good idea if my car will be a daily driver, coz of it’s thin cylinder walls!

The point is the same – rounding up occurs all the time. How long are the DIY engines taking to ship from Woody, anybody know? But the reason i’m using the forged version is that if i decide i want one of the above mentioned blocks, i can re-use the rotating assembly.

What do you think about stroker fords? – LS1TECH – Camaro and Firebird Forum Discussion

Those are strokef solutions, and there are more. I wouldn’t go anymore then a but that’s me. Nothing toward you but it has been proven that increased sideload on piston skirt is associated with the and