045E 0291 DRIVER

That is, is it properly named in Device Manager, no exclamation mark next to the device, etc? But they should at least handshake. My controller is installed and working on Windows 10 64bit with the Chinese xbox wireless receiver. Please include OS and hardware ID of the controller you are using. I have win 7 ultimate 64bit. I had no clue the pad even had a sync button, solved the problem.

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In my case since I had some Xbox 02911 controllers Windows Update did the job for me. Basically any package that is capable of extracting 7-zip files.

[vfio-users] Cannot fix Error 43 for GTX 680 passed through to win 10 guest

Its works under Win7. But that varies from game to game. Your help in resolving this problem would be greatly appreciated by the thousands of us having this issue! Do you maybe have any idea how to prevent 0921 Unfortunately i am not able to make it work. Many thanks from Amsterdam. We 091 it would be important to document and troubleshoot this because the third party china receiver has no mA breaker fuse and thus are more prone to possible DOA from USB power spike upon plugin.


The steps for windows 10 should work fine for you. In super-rare cases the operating system may be blocking the plug-n-play service. This solution however is giving me hope and te comment by Rasco seems logic.

martiniturbide: Cheap from China: Xbox Controller Wireless Receiver

This was only uploaded for archival purposes and will not be used in any way during this tutorial. But this can also happen if the device itself is bad. I tried it on another PC and still nothing it must be the actual device. That should calm windows 10 down. Thanks it worked for me! Download and install the latest official Microsoft Xbox Wireless package: Draadloze controller voor pc maakt geen verbinding met ontvanger.

Thanks for the files, worked like a charm — I used the chinese drivers before and they had a rather annoying input lag. If yours behaves as mine did it will NOT automatically match up 045s the official package you installed in step 1. Tried every port and same result. Hope it answers you question.

Right-click and click on Update Driver Software. You could also try a fresh set of batteries in the Xbox controller just to see if that added power will boost your connection to the receiver.


You are loved by me for all eternity. No, YOU are fabulous for checking out this blog! But your tutorial here just made it work, i can now sync my controller!!

I can repeat this, pressing the button and waiting it to flash twice, a few times and after that the light stays on no matter I press the button or not. Before when It would bring up a xbox logo and display the battery level. Or 00291 microprocessor in your Chinese receiver is locking up.

The USB ID Repository

Thank you for visiting our blog! Both computers work on the same OS Windows Previously, it was working properly and my wireless Xbox controller was functioning just fine. Glad it worked out for you. Please help as this device was working with my previous pc and win 7 and I upgraded to win 10 silly me. Or at the update driver software window?